Thursday 2 August 2012

Array Activators & Audiences

For the small amount of time that I was present with Array there were a steady stream of people interested and wanting to participate and engage with the sculptures. With the start of the Olympic sailing events the numbers have grown. The sculptures at Nothe will be there for the duration of the Olympics and will move to Portland during the Paralympics.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Array On Soundcloud

The whole Array set is availbale to listen to on Sound Cloud. You can use the QR code on the right to directly go to the Array set. Or click - Array Sound Set . I hope you enjoy the final sound pieces.

Tracking Array Tracks

Array 1(scarred by storm-built by man)

-Water around rocks
-A voice at Verne
-Jerusalems ending
-A singular caw
-The chords of an organ
-Conversations in a cafe
-Wires warping
-A skimmed suggestion
-A bray in exclusion
-Quarry reversing
-Tunnel tapping

Array 2 (Who walked here)

-A calling coo
-Reconstructed bird song
-An instruction whistle
-Corvus creating
-A fake and real coded message
-A gull stretched
-Pitched communication
-Bird song by the sea
-The slowed sea bird

Array 3 (choking island -shining sea)

-A security fence fluting
-The incoming tide lapping
-A machine whirring
-The exclamation of an organ
-A choir masters example
-Metal reverberating
-Voices together
-A harbour tone
-An electronic wail

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Array Sounds Titled

Array 1 (scarred by storm-built by man) - Influenced by visiting, drawing, photographing and sound recording in the Verne High Angle Battery of the Isle of Portland. The title is taken from a text 'cut up' created during field trips to Dorset as part of the residency for the b-side festival.

Array 2 (Who walked here) - Sounds taken from visits to Nothe fort and hill create a conversation of codes blending natural and man-made modes of communication. The title is taken from a dedication situated on a bench on Nothe Hill.

Array 3 (choking island -shining sea) - The view of Portland appearing and disappearing in sea mist and fog echo its mysterious naval history and architecture, as grey crag and carved cliff emerge from sparkling seas. The title of the piece is taken from a text/prose created whilst sitting on Chesil beach watching sea fog engulfing the isle of Portland during my final residency for the commission.

Saturday 21 April 2012

A list of 23 unintentionally captured images

The zip and handle of a bag
A man looking at information
The roof of a hillside cafe
Dirt on a pavement
The black coated arm of a visitor
A cigarette butt behind a fence
A tied end of a sand bag
A left net
Dust floating and sparkling
A date of significance
Steps to a church
A couple at rest on a bench
A turned page turner
Four flying gulls
The passenger side of a parked car
The shadow of a photographer
The red open mouth of a rubbish bin
Caught and ripped paper
Streaming sun through a window
A clump of cornered grass
Blurred red buckets
An attempt to skim a stone
A woman looking through a lens

Weymouth and Portland, Dorset March/April 2012 

Saturday 7 April 2012

A list of 20 Sounds Recorded

Real but fake coded signals
Broken bulbs breaking in a tunnel
Feet kicking a wall
80+ people exercising their voices
A calm sea tickling pebbles
A Bee finding empty flowers
A barricaded Bridge opening
Warning lights ticking
The false starts of a church organ
Teenagers harnessing the power of fire
Corvus calling
Boats sailing
Gates closing
Locks opening
A vehicle moving powdered Limestone
The entrance to an old storage facility
An unrecognised bird flying
A curious key holder
The clashing and rubbing of wires
The movements of a sound recordist

Weymouth and Portland, Dorset March/April 2012