Saturday 21 April 2012

A list of 23 unintentionally captured images

The zip and handle of a bag
A man looking at information
The roof of a hillside cafe
Dirt on a pavement
The black coated arm of a visitor
A cigarette butt behind a fence
A tied end of a sand bag
A left net
Dust floating and sparkling
A date of significance
Steps to a church
A couple at rest on a bench
A turned page turner
Four flying gulls
The passenger side of a parked car
The shadow of a photographer
The red open mouth of a rubbish bin
Caught and ripped paper
Streaming sun through a window
A clump of cornered grass
Blurred red buckets
An attempt to skim a stone
A woman looking through a lens

Weymouth and Portland, Dorset March/April 2012 

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