Thursday 26 July 2012

Tracking Array Tracks

Array 1(scarred by storm-built by man)

-Water around rocks
-A voice at Verne
-Jerusalems ending
-A singular caw
-The chords of an organ
-Conversations in a cafe
-Wires warping
-A skimmed suggestion
-A bray in exclusion
-Quarry reversing
-Tunnel tapping

Array 2 (Who walked here)

-A calling coo
-Reconstructed bird song
-An instruction whistle
-Corvus creating
-A fake and real coded message
-A gull stretched
-Pitched communication
-Bird song by the sea
-The slowed sea bird

Array 3 (choking island -shining sea)

-A security fence fluting
-The incoming tide lapping
-A machine whirring
-The exclamation of an organ
-A choir masters example
-Metal reverberating
-Voices together
-A harbour tone
-An electronic wail

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